'Bridge Course on Communicative Skills' has been conducted for the prospective teachers in V.O.C. College of Education from 21.08.2014 to 02.09.2014. Dr.S. Rasul Mohaideen was the co-ordinator of the Bridge course.
On the first day of the course, the prospective teachers were given a pre-test both in written and oral communicative skills and were also provided with a platform for extempore speech both in Tamil and English to assess the entry behaviour of the student teachers. Along with the communication skill, other life skills of the student teachers were also aimed at, to mould them into integrated personalities .So the Teacher educators of the college imparted knowledge on various themes.
The prospective teachers actively participated in all the events. Finally they were given a post test both written and spoken in both Tamil and English. The co-ordinator of the programme, Dr.S. Rasul Mohaideen and the Teacher Educators evaluated the performance of the student teachers in their pre-test and post-test and let them know their progress. A significant improvement in the performance of student teachers was noted from pre-test to post-test. The Valedictory Function of Bridge Course was held on 05.09.2014.Certificates and prizes were distributed to the winners of various competitions conducted during the Bridge course.