Founder's Day-13-08-2016


  The College observed its Founder’s Day on 13.08.2016 with all Serenity. Kulapathi Thiru. A.P.C.Veerabahu, the Honourble Founder Secretary was remembered with great respect and reverence. The programme was housed at the auditorium of the college, which was presided by the Principal of the College. The II Year and I Year Student- Teachers along with the M.Ed., scholars took part in it. The Teacher Educators, the Student- Teachers and the Non-Academic staff paid homage to their Patron by garlanding the portrait, giving Speech, and reading Verses.  Visual presentation depicting the ‘Legend along with other Legends’was also there. The history of the Historian was echoed through the words of the Prospective Teachers and the Teacher Educators. A lyric sounding the multi sides of the giant Visionary was composed as well as sung by a group of lyricists. Children of District Disability Rehabilitation Centre were gifted with uniform dress and study materials by the Management. The Staff members visited the Lucia home and distributed lunch to its inmates.
The Programme carved a niche in the minds of everyone, who took part in the programme.