National Youth Day

The youth Red Cross Unit of V.O.C. College of Education, Thoothukudi celebrated "The National Youth Day" Marking Swami Vivekananda's Birth Anniversary on 12.01.2015 with the theme "Swatchh Bharath Abhiyan" (Clean India Movement), the National Project.
A panel discussion was conducted by a team of student teachers with the theme "Clean India-A Dream Coming True". The participants discussed under various heads which reflected their views about 'Physical Cleanliness', 'Mental Cleanliness', 'Clean Behaviour and Activities' and 'Environmental Cleanliness'.
Clean India though pictures mainly the environmental cleanliness alone, the student teachers focused the importance of Physical cleanliness, Mental cleanliness and Clean activities & Behaviour which is the need of the hour and which alone could make a strong foundation for environmental cleanliness that could be achieved only through clean activities and purity in Thought, Word and Action.